Tuesday, May 27, 2008

bye bye

location: school

emotion: sad

Today was the end for the seniors. I'll miss them. When I talk to my friends that graduated last year its so different. You don't see them all the time like you used too. Some of them really change. Everything will be different for me, now an almost senior. Drama kids I'll miss a lot. Those long hours of rehearsals, you become so connected and learn so much about people. Our German exchange students will be going back home. I get to know people every year and this is the class (08) that I've known for a while with the exception of my class (09).

Yeah so the seniors were in and out today taking and finishing their finals. The parking lot was empty since they only had to come for the periods that they had to take finals. Most of the seniors weren't at lunch. My lunch table had two of the few seniors. that were at lunch. One was a German exchange student, her table was empty and didn't want to eat alone. The other senior was finished with everything but stayed to say goodbye. (tear). I'll see everyone at Graduation but it won't be the same.

Art consisted of 4 people! I liked it that way. There is some I won't miss! I felt like I could think and focus for once this year. Overall it way a good day. New adventures await me!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial day

location: hometown and nearby town

emotion: patriotic

My mom woke me up early to go to the pancake breakfast our town holds every Memorial day morning. The pancakes are really thick and filling. We got there and there wasn't a line like last year. They were good as always. Our neighbors sat by us and were telling us some funny local stories.

We got there early before the parade. Meli came along then joined the band when they arrived. H-town parade is small and goes around the circle of town. After the parade finish and the band was getting on the bus, mom and I went to the little town my school is in where they would have the last parade of the day. We parked at the school then walked into town waiting for it to start. That parade was the longest. They stopped in several places. I saw a few of my friends. We walked back to the school so we got a mini workout for the day.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


location: outside

emotion: delighted

I've spent a good amount of time today soaking up some sun rays. I love that feeling of almost summertime. The past few days have been much cooler. For my last track meet on Friday I had to wear extra clothes. Speaking of the meet. It went well and I am pleased with the way my season ended. Now I can take a few weeks off and focus on some other things like finals eek! I have never been a fan of those end of the year tests. After that is over with then I have to go take my ACT. Tests are haunting me! Life is full of them. I really try hard and sometimes its just so hard.

Things have been a bit crazy but I guess I'm writing to tell about it(lol)! I have a lot still ahead of me. Maybe I'll find a little more time to blog soon! One thing I'm happy about is this three day weekend!:)

Monday, May 19, 2008


location: school and outside

emotion: cheerful

Off to school today. I drove everyone instead of taking the school bus. I felt like a mom taking my bro and sis in the mini van. Not the coolest feeling! :) I'm not the only one and I don't really mind. In art class I'm working on this cool little book. I painted the pages with watercolors today. I plan on including pictures and different mixed media. I hope it will look good in the end.

Yesterday I was feeding my bunny when I realized above the hutch on the light shade was a bird nest. Several baby birds were chirpping away. I tried taking pictures but the light is so high up its hard to get the angle right. I used the zoom, but i haven't seen them to know if they turned out or not. I have been taking a lot of outside photos lately. I love how colorful and bright things are this time of year.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A pleasent friday

location: home (at 3:30 this hasn't happened since the musical!)

emotion: thankful

No track practice today! Next week is my last week of track. We have districts so it going to be a crazy week. We are going to have to get out of school early to go to Independence for the meet two days next. Not really any home work for the weekend and no early Saturday track meet. Things at school are slowing down, well in most classes. Algebra 2 doesn't fit in the slowing down category, sadly. People are getting back from college now. In art today Maggie came to show us her work from CIA (Cleveland institute of art). She just completed her first year there. Next year she is going to focus on her major. I forget what the proper title of her major is but I know it has to do with drawing pictures for text books and such. I always look forward to looking at other people's work. Maybe it will inspire me to pick up a pencil or paintbrush. That's something I've neglected to do in my own time. Very sad really. Maybe when I take a 2-3 break from running, it came be my therapy again. It will have to wait until tomorrow since I'm going shopping tonight.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


location: a banquet hall

emotion: excited

This past weekend was my prom. It was a lot of fun! I now have painted toenails (pink)! My hair was held up by a little over 40 bobby pins and took an hour to get done. I loved the way it turned out. It was fun seeing everyone dressed up. The theme was minight masquerade. We got to take home a glass, a picture frame, and a mask. I've added a few pictures, if you want to see more I'll be bringing a photo album to church.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

mock crash

location: school parking lot

emotion: chilly

This week is prom promise week. The whole week different issues were addressed. Today we got out of class to watch the mock crash. When we got out to the parking lot two cars were badly smashed to give the full affect. Some members of the drama club were the people in the cars. They had fake blood all over them. The fire department, ambulance, and a helicopter came to the scene. It was really chilly outside. Afterwards, the grim reaper paid its visits selecting its victims. So for the remainder of the day those chosen had fake blood across their face spelling the word dead and couldn't talk. The message was that these thing don't just happen around prom these things can happen to anyone at anytime.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

location: a place in sweet silence

emotion: energetic

This week has been taking its time making each minute longer than the last one. In home ec. I'm sewing a stuffed animal lobster. Most of the class is making teddy bears, with the exception of 3 people. One person is making a monkey, the other is making a seal, and then there is my lobster. Oh, I didn't mention its pink! I don't know what I'll name it. I picked a lobster because I had a red lobster beanie baby a while ago. I only remember that he got a hole and I was sad. :( poor lobster. Anyways back to sewing, its going well only its the first class of the day and I feel bored after a while. At least I'm making some progress for as slow the day drags on.

I'm looking at pictures of our track team at our race last night. One of them is of my stretching before I run, I look kinda grumpy. Pictures of people running are always interesting. I personally don't like ones of myself. The pictures from last night are ok. I've seen some ugly looking ones during my first year running. Ok maybe these pics aren't so bad some of the other peoples look weird! the faces look so funny its making me laugh!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

post it note 3

location: a warm cozy place where phantom of the opera music plays softly in the background
emotion: thoughtful
I found this bunny picture and I had to inclued it as part of a blog! Its truely too adorable to pass up! The whole things is so sweet. Just looking at it and thinking about what it says can make your day.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


location: anywhere

emotion: quiet

Back to writing, well not for long since Meli says she needs to use the computer for something. I feel like I'm moving nonstop, all day long. I've been staying up way too late the past couple nights. 11:00 pm isn't the time I should be going to bed at all! There is somethings that I need to do but they take time that I can't find like painting my toe nails. I guess since I wear regular shoes and not flip flops nobody sees them. Another thing to add is blogging except people can read the old ones. I also need to clean my room, wow this list is getting long by the minute!

Ok changing subjects before I get a complex! lol jk! This little ity bity bird flew into the field house (the place where the sports locker rooms and weight room are) and hurt itself by flying into the window. The kids were trying to get it back outside. The bird wasn't moving, it was still alive just not flying. Finally one of the boys picked it up and put it outside. poor birdie!