Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

winter cleaning

Thought of the day: Don't hold on to the past, you won't need that tube of gold lipstick in heaven

Today has been spent cleaning. My goal was to clean my room. I've been trying to organize all my things from Christmas. I was trying to put away my new clothes but I didn't have room in my closet. I took everything out and organized it better when I put things back in. I have a self unit in my closet. It has shelves in it and places to hang things. Its nice to have a lot of shelve space but I only have half the hanging space compared to if it was a standard closet. I found a lot of extra hangers that were taking up space. Its much better now.

The other place I cleaned out was my vanity/desk. It is an old computer desk that has been painted light green to match the rest of my furniture and I use it as a vanity. I went through my hair products and nail polish that was old and I never used. I have a makeup organizer that I store most of my makeup. I have more than what could fit in it. I found lip gloss and eyeshadow from when I was 12 and 13! That's like 5 years old...gross..! They went straight to the trash. How did I not think to toss them out before? I guess I never have time and I'm doing good on time if I even put any makeup on. So my work has made progress. Very few people have seen my room maybe it will be clean enough now! :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

THE gift


I wish you all a wonderful day. We have finished with our family gifts here and in less than an hour we will be headed off to my Grandmas. I got a cute pink fuzzy bath robe, purple heart earrings from Tim, a purple shirt from Meli, and a whole bunch of new things: Boots, hoodies, steering wheel cover. I almost opened this one gift when I still had a few left. My mom saw me grab it and stopped me from opening it and told me to wait until Meli opened hers with me. I knew it had to be THE gift. THE gift is usually something expensive and really exciting. In the past THE gift has been our American girl dolls a few years ago, digital cameras another, and last year it was our Zunes. I had no idea what it could be. Not a clue. When our last gifts came we opened them at the same time and it was new LG Scoop cell phones! I was shocked! I didn't even ask for a new cell phone. I knew the contract on my razor phone was coming up but I would of just of been content to keep it another year if I had too. My mom told Melissa she could take her phone because she didn't used it and all this stuff to trick Melissa into believing she wouldn't get a cell phone. We laughed when my mom told us all the things she used as tricks now because then we had believed her. I love this time of year!:)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My debate

11 days til Christmas!

Ok I have been super busy that I just now have found time to sit down and write out a post to my blog! We got our Christmas decorations up today and I feel more in the Christmas spirit. Last night's progressive youth dinner was amazing! Thank you Mrs. K and Mrs. G! It was fun and we even got to squeeze in visiting the live nativity. It was a long day due to the fact I had to wake up at 6:30 on a Saturday to take my ACT for the last time. I managed to stay awake. We all had some hyper moments!

School has been keeping me very busy. All the teachers are trying to get tests and assignments in before Christmas. In Government we all have to debate. I debated embryonic stem cell research on Friday against one of my friends who wanted to go against some one she felt comfortable around. I spent two long nights working on it and tried to perfect it the best I could. For the debates the teacher doesn't grade us, our classmates do. We are graded by how we support our side by writing scores on a grade sheet. So we vote for the person with that, not for what side we are on. We also have to make a rebuttal and answer questions from our classmates. I was able to give an answer for every question that I was asked. At the end my teacher tallied that score sheets and said Lauren won 16 to 7. I was really happy. I went to look at the grade sheets and my teacher told me I have a different way when I speak and it was good. I wasn't sure if he meant my speaking voice or the way I worded my statements, either way I knew from the expression on his face it was a good thing.