Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I like summer because...

location: outside (mostly)

emotion: joyful

I like summer because...

  • Flip flops- those little white lines are so worth it, while freshly painted toenails get all the attention

  • Ice cream- no words can describe how truly wonderful it is...ahh!

  • Sunscreen- smells funny but is way better then looking like a lobster!

  • Watermelon- seedless or seeded no summer is complete without it

  • Lightning bugs- I'm always afraid that they are going to escape their jar when we catch them and keep them inside for a night

  • Fireworks- stunning to both young and old

  • Kiwi- and anything else in fruit salad

  • Beaches- the ones by the ocean are my favorite

  • Swimming Pool- water is so refreshing and fun on the hottest day of the year

  • Sunglasses- too cute and stylish, have to go everywhere

  • Late nights- no bedtimes just time to relax

  • Pink lemonade- I want some right now

  • Fresh cut lawns- think summer is here to stay

  • Cookouts- chance to see people and eat yummy food!

There are really sooooo many other things to add to the list but I only picked some of my favorites!

Monday, June 23, 2008

location: here and there

emotion: sleepy

Today I went to the track with my mom and brother. It was an easy run today just a mile on the track. Tim ran then stopped then ran then stopped. He hung out around the long jump a lot. After running we stopped at the library. Story time was going on and I told my mom how I remembered being smart then! They were singing some bug song. Tim was in a crabby mood but could help but smile when he heard the silly song about bugs.

I have been cleaning my desk but its a work in progress. I would like to begin scrapbooking. I've started a scrapbook but it only has one page complete and one other started. I just need a clean area to get going on it again. Also, I'm going through things and finding this to put in my scrapbook. I've found lots of things I've totally forgotten about. The scissors keep getting lost every time I need then to cut out something that my name or picture is in the paper for. I'm trying to down size and cut out only what I'm in, instead of the whole newspaper.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

post it note 3

location: inside
emotion: cozy
Its a pretty chilly sort of day outside. Where did summer go? It needs to come back! That's all I have to say. Yesterday I wore jeans and a hoodie! I was going to go for a run
but I went to bed late, woke up late and said forget running today. I'll
make up for it on Saturday (the day I was going to take off).
That's how things go sometimes. Not real sure what I'll
do today. It feels like one of those days you could
curl up with a book and read for hours.
I'm currently reading
The Chronicles of Narnia
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Monday, June 16, 2008


location: Kent Trumbull

emotion: productive

Last Saturday, I took my ACT. Sitting there taking the five part thing ahhh!! It was like forever until the tester guy told us we had five minutes to finish that section then the seconds flew by. I was glad that we had a short break in between so I could stretch my legs. One thing I have to say is that I am so glad my mom gave me those standardized tests in my homeschool years (even when tears were involved). That along with taking some practices tests helped me to feel most prepared for it.

During the test one girl accidentally filled out the wrong part of the test in the wrong section of the answer page. The guy in charge of giving us the test had to go talk to someone in change of him to see what to do. From there they had to contact the ACT people to see what to do. The girl was not allowed to complete the test and has to wait until September to take it. Bummer!

After the test was over my mom and I looked around at the building I took my test in. It had a theater in it but we only saw the entrance way. We stopped at a local subway for lunch. Subway is so yummy!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

an amazing weekend!

location: outside in many places

emotion: rockin

This weekend has been really fun! On Saturday I went to grad parties with my friend Bethanna. The first one we went to was for two people, the German foreign exchange student and the girl she stayed with. I thought it was really cool that they had theirs together. They had a lot to look at! It took us a good 40 minutes to look though all the scrapbooks! I had to look at them all because I'm like that! We ate a little bit then talked to our friends. The two girls looked cute in the summery dresses they had on. There was a lot of people from school.

We said our good byes and were off to the next one. When we got there all we saw was a bunch of older people sitting in lawn chairs. We looked at each other and wondered where was the party!?! A guy standing around must of read mine and Bethanna's confused expressions. He told us it was in the garage, a side building with sign that said Grad (duh, if I could of only read). We greeted our friend then sat down at a table where we knew people. One kid got really bored and scratched a picture into the table cloth!

Soon all of us got bored inside so we got up and went outside. Some of the boys started tossing around a Frisbee and Bethanna almost got hit! We had to keep moving out of these danger zones! Someone suggested kickball, so the party shifted to this part of the yard by a pond. The "diamond" was out of shape and had some interesting bases. First base was the corner of some farm equipment, second a random mailbox in the middle of the yard(!), and third was a pear tree. Bethanna and I had on flip flops so we just sat in the grass and watched. One of us noticed some slugs in the grass. The more we looked the more slugs appeared. We began to wonder if we were perhaps sitting on any! Whooossshhhhh! The kickball came inches away from Bethanna's head! It scared both of us really bad! We paused out of fright then exploded in laughter. We watched the game then the slugs came back to are focus of attention. Whosshh! Again the kickball flew past our heads surprising us once more. We said we better not worry about slugs and instead pay attention to the kickball! We didn't end up sitting on any slugs and so many other adventures happened that to blog it would take hours!

Monday, June 2, 2008

crazy lunch

location: school

emotion: hyper

Today is a birthday of a few people I know. My brother is now 11 and my friend Mya is 18. Mya's mom showed up at school today to wish her daughter a happy birthday. Now her mom is one of those people that is super friendly and the events I'm telling aren't made up and is flatly the truth. Her mom gave her a teddy bear and teddy cookies. They were sitting on her desk when she walked into math class.

Lunch is a whole story by itself. She didn't know that her mom was still at school during lunch or that she was getting VIDEO TAPED!!!! Her mom was behind a vending machine with the video camera! She sat down, unaware of the surroundings. The other girls came from the lunch line and had seen her mom. Two of them didn't know it was a surprise and told her. We whispered that it was a surprise. So when Mya asked if they were joking they said they were. We were glad she thought it was just a prank. She was serving us some of her birthday cake when the real surprise came. Four guys came in with balloons and flowers. They came in behind her then one of the guys started singing a birthday song she turned around then turned bright red. Now be aware that all the lunch room is paying attention. Her mom has come out of hiding taping the whole planned out thing. Mya's mom baked a ton of cookies that she set on an empty table and random people were coming up to eat them. Her mom was making her so embarrassed! At the end of lunch her mom said she wasn't done yet. At the end of the day I saw Mya's car covered with ribbons! I'm glad all I had to go through is a little clapping at lunch for my b-day!