Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter Buddies

Thought of the day: A camera, dresses, and snow make a complete day to enjoy with friends! Mid-terms are over! We got a snow day Friday turning our three day weekend into four days of fun! We spent Friday inside trying to stay warm. Saturday Meli and I woke up early to go out to Pennsylvania. My dad was going out there to look at a drum set for church and Meli and I had made plans to spend the day with some of our friends that live out there. We don't get to see them too often, but we right away started laughing and giggling when we got there. The plans were to go sledding later in the day. We waited until it got a little warmer since it was 7 below when we left our house that morning. We took pictures and dressed up in some of their dresses. I think I will never out grow dressing up!

We went sledding at a place not too far from where my friends live. It had a hill, then the ground was flat, then it dipped down into another hill. Meli and I went down the hill in our long sled together. We had enough momentum that we reached the second hill. My friend and I went down in a different spot and didn't realize that there was a jump and we went up in the air and didn't come down so well. After sledding and snowboarding (which I didn't try because I didn't have the right shoes) we ate some yummy food at their house. Then we went to a party that they were invited to for a little while. Snowmobiles with sleds tied to the back were there and Meli started going crazy and wanted the first ride. Before each of us went we all wrapped our faces with a scarf, except Mel the first time she went. That time she had snow stuck in her eyelashes. When I saw her I said I wanted to be the last one right before we left so I could go straight to the car to get warm. There was a fire going outside that we all stood around watching people fall off the sleds. One of the sleds was inflatable and popped before it was my turn so I just got a regular ride. Meli got one more ride so I didn't end up being the last one after all.

They came to Harp and Bowl with us that night. It was fun spending the day with them. Maybe they can come to youth group with us sometime.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thought of the day: Hanging around with your buddies, what could be better?

I have finals coming up this week so I'm going to be really busy balancing everything. I finished reading all my books for English before Christmas break so I had time to read whatever I wanted to read. My mom wanted Melissa and I to read The Purpose Driven Life. I've been reading that and really getting a lot out of it. I had it laying out in art class on my desk and my art teacher asked 'who's reading The Purpose Driven Life? Its a good book'. I told her I was. I wasn't really expecting her to say that since she has really different views on things. I know she was raised Catholic and now she is more into things like meditation and Buddhism. I'm not really sure if she exactly follows one religion or what.

We have spent this last week trying to get out of vacation break time and go back to normal time. I want to spend my three day weekend next week with my friends sledding. Last weekend there wasn't enough snow. Now there is, and its supposed to stay! Time to get the hot choco out, curl up in a blanket, and watch a movie. :)