Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In a coffee shop

I am spending the morning in a coffee shop. A warm mocha is next to me half full, or should I say half empty. I feel calm and peaceful. There is people coming in and out and the morning sun is being to break the chilly fog. If the world could only be like this coffee shop. Calm, pleasant, cheerful, but sadly its not. So today I hope I make someone's day without realizing it. I hope to help someone who needs it. To find a purpose for living for this day. To look at people for who they are not for their age, actions, position, but for the deepest parts of their character. I want to be unknown, unrecognized for whatever impact I leave today. In heaven my reward will be greater than anything in this world. I'm living for a high purpose.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nobody told me 19 years ago...

  1. Nobody told me that 19 years ago I would be born on the first day of spring.
  2. Nobody told me that I would have wonderful, supportive parents.
  3. Nobody told me that the day I came home a rainbow would be in the sky.
  4. Nobody told all the silly things my sister and I came up with.
  5. Nobody told me I would have an early love of art.
  6. Nobody told me dress up was my favorite thing to play.
  7. Nobody told me that I would step on sharp things outside which made me hate being barefoot.
  8. Nobody told me I would have a hidden rebel side that would come out from time to time.
  9. Nobody told me that Lambchop would be my favorite little kid TV show and I would name my favorite stuffed animal Lambchops with the "s".
  10. Nobody told me that I would love to dance at church.
  11. Nobody told all the unusual characters I would be in high school plays, sometimes guy roles.
  12. Nobody told me that I would alway be the first one awake at sleepovers.
  13. Nobody told me my dog would run away and never come back.
  14. Nobody told me which boys I would have crushes on.
  15. Nobody told me that I would learn how to dance on my toes in pretty point shoes or the bleeding blisters they gave me.
  16. Nobody told me I would have the funniest younger brother ever.
  17. Nobody told me the mean things people say to me.
  18. Nobody told me the friends that would stick by me no matter what.
  19. Nobody told me I would be homeschooled.
  20. Nobody told me that I would love reading.
  21. Nobody told me I wouldn't lose my first tooth until I was 7.
  22. Nobody told me the jitters I had on my first day of public school in 8th grade.
  23. Nobody told me I would spend a life changing two weeks in Germany.
  24. Nobody told me how amazing the ocean would look the first time I saw it.
  25. Nobody told me I would have to attend my opa's funeral.
  26. Nobody told me how powerful his prayer was the last time we saw him.
  27. Nobody told me how much I would enjoy running.
  28. Nobody told me I would spend a Christmas in Florida.
  29. Nobody told me how much ice cream cheers me up.
  30. Nobody told me I would have 4 dates to 6 of my high school dances.
  31. Nobody told me that my childhood heroes would be Shirley Temple and Laura Ingalls Wilder.
  32. Nobody told me I would learn how to weld.
  33. Nobody told me how when you grow up things and people can grow apart.
  34. Nobody told me that I would actually like my first ride on a roller-coaster.
  35. Nobody told me that my heart would get broken more than once.
  36. Nobody told me all the different ways I would grow in my faith.
  37. Nobody told me I would get really overwhelmed and stressed about school.
  38. Nobody told me how confusing life can be.
  39. Nobody told me all the amazing friends I would know.
  40. Nobody told me I would write things down in a journal.
  41. Nobody told me that I would love old fashion things like Jane Austen stories.
  42. Nobody told me how much I would love pictures and the stories behind them.
  43. Nobody told me the sense of achievement I had when I got a 100% on an Algebra test.
  44. Nobody told me where and who my first date would be with.
  45. Nobody told me how much I would look forward to my birthday.
  46. Nobody told me that I would try colored contacts.
  47. Nobody told me that people would look down on my choice to major in art education.
  48. Nobody told me how hard I would work so I can prove them wrong.
  49. Nobody told me how sensitive I would be.
  50. Nobody told me how important God was in my life and how nothing could make me change that.
If someone told me any of these things, good or bad, I think I would of been too afraid to take a chance at living life. That is why life is an unknown series of events. God is there to guide and lead us each step of the way.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Stressful week has ended

My crazy week has finally come to an end! Between spending hours in the studio, studying Greek art for the art history exam, and all the rest of the studying and assignments it was just stressful! After my TWO exams today I went to with my friend to downtown Kent. We looked at the cute little shops, the art gallery, and ate an early dinner. The place we ate is called Pita Pit and it is sort of like a Subway just it uses pita bread instead of a sub. It was the first time I've eaten there and it was really yummy! We went down to the river and came across some sweet findings! Like the wall of a back of a building with all this cool relief art!