Monday, July 13, 2009

summer days

Its been a while since I've posted anything so here is an update. Last week I found out I got the dorm I wanted and had been praying to get! I've started talking to my roommate and figuring out what I need to bring. I'm trying to start and get things now before I go on my mission trip. I don't want to come back and everything is gone or back ordered. Its crazy that my trip is only two weeks away!

My graduation party turned out wonderful! The weather was perfect. I was able to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time. The week after we went on vacation and I missed six of my friends grad parties. Even if I was home I don't think I could of made it to all of them. The first few days of vacation were cold but we went to the beach, looked at shops, and did things anyways. The weather finally turned around at the end and we went on a whale watch and saw 17 whales! On the way home a lady was selling fresh fruit at a rest stop in New York and we bought some berries. They were so good!