Thursday, November 27, 2008


These are 50 things I'm thankful for:
  1. God and all that he has done for me!
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. My bunny
  5. art
  6. my camera
  7. dancing
  8. food
  9. a warm house
  10. having movie nights with just my sis and mom
  11. clothes
  12. running
  13. music
  14. laughter
  15. freedom
  16. all my blogging buddies (even though you all count as friends)
  17. books
  18. my own room
  19. theater
  20. writing
  21. creating
  22. tea parties
  23. seasons
  24. sunshine
  25. phone calls
  26. the unknown
  27. Christmas
  28. text messages
  29. God's voice
  30. puppies and kittens
  31. growing
  32. board games
  33. Walmart
  34. make-up
  35. Starbucks
  36. the mall
  37. shoes
  38. ice cream
  39. vacations
  40. hope
  41. peace
  42. joy
  43. sunrises
  44. musicals
  45. sunsets
  46. church
  47. a car
  48. kindness
  49. love
  50. today

Thanksgiving is such a positive day. I hope you all enjoy the food and family time!

p.s. Meli if there are some of the same things on my list I didn't copy you. I looked later and realized we put some of the same things.

Monday, November 24, 2008

blue shoes

I was bored and looking up shoes on google images and this little guy came up. I thought he or she was funny!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Location: home all day today, Canton and Akron yesterday

Emotion: cold, happy

Today is a snow day! yippy! Yesterday I went to visit more colleges. Malone and Akron U were on the list. Mom and I started the day at Malone. I visited there last spring but they made huge changes in the art department since then. The art department used to be only these two rooms joined together. I wasn't that impressed. They told me they were moving it. So I got to see the new place. Malone bought a church that is now a part of the campus and one of the hallways and all the rooms off the hallway are the art dept. They have separate rooms for everything now instead of cramming it into two. The art professor I was supposed to meet wasn't there. I was showed around by another professor. The class I sat in on was missing people and there was a grand total of four people in the class. They were all really nice and easy to talk too. After the class I needed to go to lunch so one of the girls in the class took my mom and I there. She first stopped at her dorm before taking us were we needed to go. Her dorm had a living room that was kinda like a hall way then 3 bedrooms and a bathroom were off of "livinghall" as she called it. We had lunch with the art professor that we didn't get to see earlier. We ran short on time and skipped the tour which I went on last year so it wasn't that important.

We have almost gotten lost so many times on these trips. We had to call and find out were the parking lot we needed was. By the time we got to Akron it was snowing and the signs were hard to read. Akron had a lot of nice things but I don't think its really the place for me. The lady in charge of the art department was really nice and showed me around. From there we sat in of this session explaining the school. I was getting sleepy by then. We finally got to go on the tour. The student center looked awesome and had some of my favorite places, like starbucks, Auntie Anne's, subway. They also had a nice rec center and pool. It was cold and blowing outside and the snowflakes kept getting in my eyes!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


location: Cleveland ATF
emotion: indescribable

We had a lot of fun! I tried to pick a few of the best pictures to show all the fun we had. We all got along really well and had a blast.

This is me and the friend I brought, Hope. In the background meli and pinkchicky were giving us bunny ears! ashley is in the background too. hehe.

As payback, I took this picture while they were laughing. One word description: priceless.

This was of the lights during the Jeremy Camp concert. It was an amazing weekend and everyone who went would agree. I still have more pictures I'll put on a later post. :)