Sunday, March 30, 2008

post-it note 2

location: here listening to music

mood: relaxed

Spring Break is almost over (tear). So very sad but I had a wonderful week! I get to go back to waking up at the bright early hour of 5:45. Leaving and getting to school by 7:20ish. Well, I'm just going to enjoy this afternoon by reading, maybe drawing, and later eating pizza! Wow, I get amused over simple things! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

spring break fun

location: a number of places

mood: giggly

Spring break! yeah! cheers! What are fun time of year. You have just the right amount of school left until summer vacation. Anyways on to what happened today. I went shopping! A fun event. I feel like I accomplished the typical never ending search for a swimsuit! I found one right away, what a concept. I'm still in search of shorts since nothing caught my eye and the selection was limited. I found a few other cute things.

A funny moment of the day was when my mom and I were on the way home. My mom was driving the speed limit but this van passed us. When they passed us this dude in the passenger seat stuck his head out the window and made that rocker hand thing and had a crazy look on his face. They passed someone else and did the same thing!!!! We got a good laugh.

Friday, March 21, 2008

location: home for now

emotion: joyful

It was my birthday yesterday. It was an eventful day all right! The moment that is the most interesting is when my friends sang the happy birthday song to me during lunch at school. I didn't want them to sing but I don't think anyone really does. At the end of the song they clapped. Now every once in a while people will clap randomly at lunch and then other tables will follow. That is just what happened. I starting turning as pink as the top I was wearing! All of us at my table didn't expect this! We all laughed and one of my friends started crying! Later people asked what the clapping was for! Some kids thought there was a fight, since people clap after fights! Crazy! At the end of lunch one kid tried to clap because of spring break but only two people clapped. haha to you buster! lol