Saturday, September 27, 2008

Away football game

location: Cardinal HS

emotion: awake

This Friday night football game way away, but at a school not to far, so we went to go watch Meli. When we got there the visitor bleachers were full so we laid down a blanket on the ground. The only problem is we couldn't see anything. So before halftime we went to the home bleachers, since there was room over there. I tried covering up my GV hoodie on that side! We know quite a few people that go to that school. So I found some familiar faces. Our band did their show then the other school had their homecoming queen anounenced. I wasn't happy when I went to get a pepperoini roll and they were out. We lost the game. We closed the gap of the score (I don't remember it) but not enough.

In other news this is the first weekend I didn't have a cross country meet. I got to stay up late and sleep in. I haven't done that since before school started. I got to be a helper for sunday school. Now I just have to go finish my Bio 2 homework and get ready for youth group.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

He is always with us

location: home, school

emotion: overwhelmed to confident

This past week has had some downs, ups, and all arounds. Staying positive is easier said than done. I have had an overwhelming amount of homework, tests, and reading to do. My head has been spinning. Then all kinds of others things didn't help either, like a comment my Principal made. I had to ask him a question and I saw he was standing in front of the art room. So I asked him the question I had. He answered me then asked if I had been crying. I'm thinking what crying?!? I guessed my eyes were red from my contacts so that's what I told him. Since he didn't know that answer to the question I went down the hall to the guidance counselor thinking why would think I was crying? Later for sculpture class my art teacher told me that Mr. S the Principal said I was too quiet to be an art teacher. How rude can this old guy be? First he says I look liked I cried then he says I'm not going to make it in the profession. He doesn't even know me! It made me really mad. I hate negative comments. He has never seen me when I go down to the elementary school or help in Sunday school class. He isn't very sensitive to the comments he makes.

So I took all my whirlwind emotions and used them by pushing myself at running practice. It worked because I ran my best time ever this weekend! I am really working to allow God to take control of everything thing in my life because its not possible for me to balance it all. He has better things in store for me that I have no clue about. He is the one that cares about every little thing. Nothing is to small or big for Him. I woke up this morning and realized how blessed I truly am. No matter what the world says I will listen to the voice of truth. Maybe there is some unknown reason for the negative comments that maybe later down the road I'll realize. Thank You God for being with me and for all those who keep me in their prayers!

Monday, September 15, 2008

free day

location: home during the day

emotion: joyful

No school today, what a great feeling. Due to all the power outages we got an extra day off. We went to town to do some food shopping, we did have power today but nothing to eat. The power was out last night so I just went to bed early. I was complaining about how badly my hair needed trimmed a day or two ago. My mom said that I don't have time to go, she is right. Today I had time. We went to best cuts before shopping.

This past week homework levels have increased. We had a project in Bio 2 that we have to make a model of a cell. Me and two other girls made a eatable cell giant cookie. It was fun. We got to eat it in class. Another group made pizza. I was too full to eat lunch that day.

The cross country meet a muddy. I mean really muddy. The one girls mom took pictures after we were all finished. We wrapped tape around our shoes so they stay on better. During the race my tape started to unravel and wrapped around my ankle which really bugged me. We washed our legs in these huge puddles (they were on cement so they weren't muddy). Later I saw girls washing off with hoses by the school. Now mud is nothing!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

rainy rain

location: Champion High School

emotion: accomplished

Another rainy cc meet, that makes two so far this season. The other two have been extremely hot. I ran a good time this weekend, so I'm happy about that. This weeks workouts are going to start to be focused on speed and hills. Getting us ready for the next upcoming hard courses.

School is going, the homework has started to build and I've taken one quiz. Trig is the class that I've been getting homework in. The other classes haven't been to bad yet. Of course, some classes like computers will never have any homework. Its nice having a few of those! On Fridays I have papers due in Gov. and in English. Oh and I forgot when I wrote biology on my schedule blog to write biology II.

I have begun my job as a Sunday school helper. I'm helping Mr. List and Mr. Collin's class. The kids have to call me Miss Prax which might be hard to get used to.