Friday, August 13, 2010

fall fashion trends

Lace is all over the stores. It is a great layering option. Not only can you wear something under it but overtop as well will create a different look.
Forget the big oversized purses and switch to a little leather one. I think this one is so cute with the little dogs!
Skinny jeans+leggings=jeggings they are thicker than legging material and more comfortable than denim. In my closet right now!

One strap dresses are a huge trend. I am a big fan of the asymmetrical style.
Boatshoes have some knock off cheaper versions other than Sperry that are just as good. Aren't these versions crazy?

Just to let all my readers know the last two posts were part of an assignment for my online class. I am in my few weeks of freedom before returning to school again. Two weeks in fact. oh my not sure if I'm ready. I did go shopping and got some new clothes for fall. :)


Anonymous said...

love ur trends

The Girl Next Door said...

i luv lace ^_^
cute styles! u have awesome taste!